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Understand your medical insurance cover well before the purchase…

A suitable medical insurance policy protects you against health risks. When it comes to the wellbeing of you and your family members, medical policies form an essential part of the measures you can take for reassurance. It ensures that you receive the care you required and mainly a properly financial backup when you need it. When you invest in medical cover, it will not only mean that you receive the best medical treatment available but also give you peace of mind that you have done all you can to ensure smooth path during unforeseen events or illness and accidents.

In India, there are leading insurance companies that offer medical insurance policies with varied benefits, customized requirements and at affordable costs. Visiting the branches or online sites, calling up customer service or agents are some of the ways to purchase a medical insurance policy.

Of these, online purchase is most convenient and suitable way as you can buy the policy at the click of the button on your computers, laptops or smartphone from house or offices. Besides, it lets you compare the policies in terms of benefits and features, discounts offered, terms and conditions, claim settlement ratio, etc. Right from your admission to doctor fees, ambulance expenses to other treatment costs, everything can be covered under your medical insurance policy. In addition, depending on the plan you opt for, your online health insurance plan can also cover permanent disability, long-term or custodial care needs.

However, before going for a purchase it’s your needs that have to be accessed thoroughly so that you buy the right policy. Some information that you require at the time of purchase would be you & your family members age, health conditions, any hereditary disorders, place of living and working conditions, income source, and risk capacity to purchase a health cover. When a customer visits online, he or she can fill up the appropriate inquiry forms and based on this information the company will suggest you a suitable insurance policy.

It is advisable; always consult your health experts to ensure you don’t fall in the pitholes of high premium costs and low coverage.

A typical medical insurance policy will cover: Hospitalization reimbursement due to disease/surgical treatment, domiciliary Hospitalization expense, pre & post Hospitalization expenses and other treatment costs.

The minimum age to start a medical policy would be 5 years while the maximum would be around 80 years to buy the policy. Children between 3 to 5 can be covered provided on or both parents are covered concurrently.

It is important to understand the inclusion and exclusion, and various clauses of the company before the purchase. There are some companies who may exclude some health concerns if they fall under the category of pre-existing diseases. As per any medical insurance policy, 24 hours hospitalization will be compulsory for a claim to be settled. Therefore, read the fine prints carefully, so that you understand the benefits and getter a quicker and hassle free claim. Also, if you run in any form of doubt, contact customer service team or online chat team to clear them before the purchase of your medical policy.

Secure women with suitable health insurance policy

Women are the backbone of our society. They play their roles and perform their duties with due pride in day-to-day life. They spend a major portion of life in taking care of their family and keep them happy. It is as such they don’t even realize that they might anytime strike with critical illness or seriously affect their health. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to take care of them by buying a suitable health insurance policy.

In today’s time, health uncertainties can grapple you anytime and it may be difficult to cover up the expenses with the little savings you have. Besides, inflation only fuels up the issues all the more. Therefore, buying a suitable health insurance plan makes senses to keep every woman associated in your life sheltered with right medical care and the best of the hospitals and nursing care homes across India.

Single women, mother, sisters married women, working women all should have an adequate amount of insurance cover. It is the need of the hour, as it helps you safeguard their health, save money and create a shield of financial protection.

Today, women, especially in the urban areas, are trying to be self-independent, they have become equal breadwinners for their families. The adoption of a nuclear family system makes them more prone to disease or health issues as they have to manage their house and work life. Thus, the need and the importance of health insurance policy increase in women’s life.

Women oriented health plans cater their specific needs. Its cover women-specific diseases like breast cancer, uterus cancer, cervical cancer, vaginal and ovarian cancer, Maternity expenses, etc. Apart from this, they cover generic incidents like personal accident cover, pre and post hospitalization charges for critical illness. It offers additional support of living benefits in case of the accidental death or permanent disability.

Few checks before buying the health insurance plan:

When you buy health cover, you come across a variety of basic health plans offering cover for a minor disease. These plans might be cheapest but the cover provided would be insufficient. To avoid such financial crisis during medical emergencies it is better to compare the policies in terms of benefits & features, cover value, premium costs, claim settlement ration, etc.

The validity of your health insurance will be directly related to how long you have taken the policy. The moment you policy lapses they pre-existing disease which were covered in your policy will no more be effective. As long as you are paying the policy premium the health cover will be valid.

Its advisable women should buy medical insurance when they’re young as their health is at its peak and they’re free from any medical complexities. You get higher cover at lower premiums and your pre-existing disease will be incorporated early in your plans. The health policy will give you wider cover. As you grow old, the premium rates will increase and you won’t get comprehensive cover at such slashed rates.

Women-oriented health insurance policies also offer tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. For women less than 60-65 years can get a tax rebate of around Rs 30,000 on their insurance policies.

How to arrange finances during medical emergencies?


Everybody wants to avail benefits of medical insurance policy and they start investing in health products. These policies are the best financial security in case of medical emergencies. These insurance company pay your treatment expenses, for  paying upon the premium towards the company. But, in order to avail the related benefits, you will require searching for a trustworthy organization that can settle your claims in a timely manner.

Medical insurance is a type of insurance coverage which covers the cost of the medical and surgical expenses of the insured individual. Depending on the type of health insurance coverage, either the insured pays costs out-of-pocket and is then reimbursed, or the insurer makes payments directly to the provider who in return takes care of the expenses upto the decided sum as per the policy agreements. In health insurance terminology, the “provider” is a clinic, hospital, doctor, laboratory, health care practitioner, or pharmacy. The “insured” will be the owner of the medical policy, i.e the person who is covered with the health care coverage. A medical insurance policy mainly covers disablement, accidental death, family transportation, emergency ambulance cover, transportation of medicines, purchase of blood, etc.

Most people cannot afford to pay the rising cost of health care on their own. Therefore, you opt for a health insurance facility under which you pay a premium each month, and your insurer pays for a portion of the covered medical costs. At the background of the story, it is believed that the insurer is better dealers and may be they are able to negotiate better rates from the doctors and hospitals. So instead of paying hundreds of rupees out-of-pocket costs for a doctor visit, or thousands for a surgery, you pay a lesser premium amount depending on your plan against which you are covered for around lakhs of rupees.

Many people have this misconception that medical insurance is used only when you’re sick, but it’s much more than that. You can avail the advantage of the preventive services your plan offers. By visiting your doctor regularly for check-ups and getting your recommended medicines, you’re more likely to prevent more serious conditions later on. Plus, many health plans offer awareness programs and discounts on health products and services.

How Medical Insurance Work?

When you become a member of a particular health plan, you come under a group of people chosen for the same set of plan. Insurers categorize it as a risk pool as they measure the amount of risk associated with those people under the stipulated plan.Some people are at high risk because they are not in good health and likely to use a lot of medical services.  While others are at lower risk because they are healthy enough and need less medical services. So, they pool is decided upon your medical conditions.

Apart from this there are unexpected illnesses or injuries which can happen to anyone. Based on these factors, health insurer calculates the estimate money that will cost to cover the collective medical expenses for everyone in your desired plan.Each member of the plan pays a monthly rate or premium.

While buying a health care cover, you and your health insurer will share the covered medical costs. Your plan will outline your out-of-pocket expenses for each service — whether it’s a co-pay, deductible, or co-insurance. For some years you may require lots of medical services, while other years you may need less, but having a medical insurance policy in place balances your expenses and avoids paying the full cost of medical services on your own, at any point of time. If medical costs are exceptionally high, your health insurer will adjust rates from time to time.

Health Insurance Policy India

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In India health insurance has been a matter of worry for people. Having various misconceptions people stay uninsured and face health related difficulties while seeking treatment. Here, the better option would be to clarify the doubts and get a get familiar with the true role of health policy India. There are several features and benefits that people are unaware of. Hence, they ignore the provision like medical insurance and prefer to pay the bills from their pocket.

Medical bills are not easy to afford in today’s date. The treatment cost has shown steep rise in recent past. Where on one hand, the technological advancement has brought better healthcare facilities at the same time it has increased the expense creating a huge gap between treatment cost and people’s pocket. Health policy India tries to build this gap. It aims at bringing these medical care facilities in reach of all. The prime aim of all health insurance providers is to ensure wellbeing of people at large irrespective of their budget frame.

Today health policy India offers plans in abundance. They neither burden the person with the expenditures nor let them worry about the health care. Rather one such health plan entitles the insured to the best medical treatment in time of need. Equipped with wide ranging benefits, the policies allow the insured or covered members to enjoy maximum benefits at reasonable cost.

Medical insurance provider not merely thinks about your healthy future but also ensures a safe future to your dear ones. It has arrangement for securing the health of dependent members. Offering plans in the form of family floater or group health insurance, it has made easy for all to get insured and avail insurance benefits.

Devoid of any hassle, the policy enables the person to travel a smooth healthcare journey. In one health insurance plans and at the cost of affordable premium, they look after the healthcare needs of all covered members.

In addition, you can get the coverage as per the need. Be it in the terms of healthcare needs or affordability limit, health insurance companies provides easy solution. The different health plans like travel insurance, personal accident insurance and other health insurance policies are ready to serve people with varied healthcare needs. On the other hand, health policy India aims at covering maximum number of people by framing products with policy variants. In this way, solution for all healthcare worries is available. There is just a need to take a step ahead and get oneself secured from such risks of life.

In the form of medical insurance benefits, you can even get the extended coverage for lifetime. The feature of 100% lifelong renewal makes it possible for all insured people. With this, the insurance company makes a promise of giving insurance coverage for whole life. The timely renewal can help you access this facility as and when required in life.

Choose an affordable and suitable health policy India to enjoy best health treatment without any monetary stress. Before any health contingency ushers into life, it is better to be prepared for it. Adhering to the personal budget allowance, make the best pick. You must make sure that the chosen plan will be able to fulfill maximum of your healthcare needs. In Indian health insurance market, Apollo Munich insurance policies have earned the trust of millions of people. It has served people with quality medical care services. Its uncomplicated health insurance procedures make it simple for you to buy a medical cover in a much easier way.