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Secure women with suitable health insurance policy

Women are the backbone of our society. They play their roles and perform their duties with due pride in day-to-day life. They spend a major portion of life in taking care of their family and keep them happy. It is as such they don’t even realize that they might anytime strike with critical illness or seriously affect their health. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to take care of them by buying a suitable health insurance policy.

In today’s time, health uncertainties can grapple you anytime and it may be difficult to cover up the expenses with the little savings you have. Besides, inflation only fuels up the issues all the more. Therefore, buying a suitable health insurance plan makes senses to keep every woman associated in your life sheltered with right medical care and the best of the hospitals and nursing care homes across India.

Single women, mother, sisters married women, working women all should have an adequate amount of insurance cover. It is the need of the hour, as it helps you safeguard their health, save money and create a shield of financial protection.

Today, women, especially in the urban areas, are trying to be self-independent, they have become equal breadwinners for their families. The adoption of a nuclear family system makes them more prone to disease or health issues as they have to manage their house and work life. Thus, the need and the importance of health insurance policy increase in women’s life.

Women oriented health plans cater their specific needs. Its cover women-specific diseases like breast cancer, uterus cancer, cervical cancer, vaginal and ovarian cancer, Maternity expenses, etc. Apart from this, they cover generic incidents like personal accident cover, pre and post hospitalization charges for critical illness. It offers additional support of living benefits in case of the accidental death or permanent disability.

Few checks before buying the health insurance plan:

When you buy health cover, you come across a variety of basic health plans offering cover for a minor disease. These plans might be cheapest but the cover provided would be insufficient. To avoid such financial crisis during medical emergencies it is better to compare the policies in terms of benefits & features, cover value, premium costs, claim settlement ration, etc.

The validity of your health insurance will be directly related to how long you have taken the policy. The moment you policy lapses they pre-existing disease which were covered in your policy will no more be effective. As long as you are paying the policy premium the health cover will be valid.

Its advisable women should buy medical insurance when they’re young as their health is at its peak and they’re free from any medical complexities. You get higher cover at lower premiums and your pre-existing disease will be incorporated early in your plans. The health policy will give you wider cover. As you grow old, the premium rates will increase and you won’t get comprehensive cover at such slashed rates.

Women-oriented health insurance policies also offer tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. For women less than 60-65 years can get a tax rebate of around Rs 30,000 on their insurance policies.