Look for the best health cover for family welfare

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Health policy is an effective way for people to plan for their uncertain medical expenses. It has many benefits for the individuals and family provided you choose the right health insurance policy for them. However, the industry expansion is so vast in past decade that there are around hundreds of health policies being introduced in market by various insurance providers. It is often a dilemma to choose the best health insurance in India for ourselves and family.

Often people think the one which is cheap is the best but it is not this way. Your best policy will be the one that is optimum for your needs and covers you adequately. Getting adequate and right health policy to cover accidental, critical illnesses or other ailments has gained importance amongst people now.

Here are some points you ought to consider in your quest for the best health insurance in India.


No amount of financial back up is sufficient when it comes to health or critical illnesses of our family. But practically speaking you have to come to some consensus to choose suitable amount which depends upon your income source and family requirements hand-in-hand. Always choose premium well within the income source else if you cannot pay in future the policy might lapse.


It is important  you review all the benefits of your health insurance policies such as floater plan, cashless claims, hospitalization, room rent limits, critical cover, medical subsidiaries etc. being covered in your plan well.

Compare policies

Comparison of policies often helps you discover the best health insurance in India for you. Since there are many insurance companies offering a health plan, it is a good idea to do a little homework before selecting the health policy. For this, compare health plans across insurance companies. Internet is the based medium for this. Many health insurance companies have online presence and most companies make their websites really interactive and friendly for visitors seeking online quotes or even basic plan features.

Cashless Claim

Often Cashless claim proves to be the best feature in health plans. Majority of policy holder prefer this option. With a cashless policy, you don’t have to pay single penny if admitted to hospital in case of medical emergencies. The hospital gets the go-ahead from the insurance company for the operation and related procedures upto a maximum of the sum assured of the health insurance policy. Beyond this it’s your dignity in front of family members and a friend which stays intact as you don’t rely on them or borrower money from brokers for getting cured well.


Also, take policies that are renewable till your life time. Else, it will prove very costly for you to pay premiums at higher age also waiting period is more and some disease might also be not covered which are bound to happen during ageing days.

The best health insurance in India is the one that fulfills individual needs at optimum costs with maximum benefits. It should incorporate following characteristics:

  • Designed for health needs of majority of people such as family floaters
  • Purchased at optimum costs
  • Cashless hospitalization should be offered in a wide network of hospitals
  • Higher sub-limits in case of coverage offered
  • It is should be good insurance provider with well reputation in customer service and hassle free claim
  • Claim process should be easy and simple

[Source: http://healthinsuranceplanindia.blogspot.in/2016/06/look-for-best-health-cover-for-family.html]


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