Insurance – How can you enjoy benefits of top-up in medical plans?

“Health is Wealth” is what we have learnt right from our schooling days. Every day millions of people try to maintain their good health, do work outs, eat healthy nutrients food and follow various diet regimes to stay fit & healthy. But the point is in order to preserve your wealth from the rainy days of ailments you need to shelter it. And the best possible way to do this is by taking a suitable medical insurance that will help you lead a happy and healthy life. Regardless of treatment expenses, everyone has a right to avail the quality healthcare, for which medical insurance plan comes into scenario.

While preserving your wealth is one reason to buy medical policies, another would be number of diseases and high treatment expenses associated with it that has stirred human mind to look for a good medical insurance cover. Many times financial issue in treatment compels people to go for a poor quality of healthcare. In India, there are several new health insurance companies entering into market with innovative and customized products and services. Team of experts in every company work in tandem with a vision to provide innovative healthcare solutions for their customers. They are devised looking into the needs of every section of society.

Medical insurance policies come along with add-ons that aid your medical health plans in many ways. Among various new add-ons people find top-up Medical insurance plans are gaining fame for their usability at low cost premiums. With rising medical expenses even your sufficient medical insurance plan doesn’t support you some times. Then this top-up medical insurance policy covers you from excess medical charges that incurs on your hospitalization. Top-Up Medical insurance policy comes with a threshold limit as deductibles which differ from insurer to insurer. You will have an option to finalize the limit for this top-up medical insurance plan. If you want to claim your medical policy the first half of the amount which is equal to your deductibles is to be paid by you and the remaining half will be paid by your insurance company. Although buying top-up medical insurance is not a serious issue but it’s better to have few checks before buying the plan.


Here is the list of few checks while buying top-up medical insurance plan:


Premiums on such policies are decided on the amount of sum assured you have registered and the sum of deductibles you can bear on your policy. The lower the deductibles the higher your premiums will be. So, you are advised if you could shed some more amounts from your pocket it could reduce your premiums.


You can decide on the amount to deduct from your sum assured. Your insurer will have a certain amount of maximum and minimum limit on your deductibles. Make sure your insurer will pay your deductibles in case of any emergency.

Proposal Forms

You need to provide most of your personal details, which includes your age, occupation number of dependents, etc. your medical insurance provider stores these details for further reference.


Your top-up medical insurance plan coverage comes with exclusions where your claim will be rejected if not adhered by the policy terms & conditions. Make sure to check your policy exclusions before signing up the policy to avoid any further problems.

Age and Medical tests

Checking up for your medical condition is mandatory before buying medical insurance plan. Your health policy premiums are very much decided on your medical conditions. On a whole, top-up medical insurance plans helps to rescue you when you’re in need. Their coverage plans and added benefits will allow you to use it till optimization.


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