How to get health insurance with pre-existing medical conditions


Health or repetitive conditions affect many thousands of people here in the UK and could strike any one of us, anytime, without prior warning.

However this doesn’t mean we should put our lives on hold and go into hiding, scared stiff that our existence will change the minute we succumb to such indefatigable forces of nature. Instead we want to go on living in pretty much the way we have been up to now; give or take a few tweaks depending on the extent of the medical prognosis.

And this means being treated the same as we were previously too, and being in a position to continue our lives as we were before ill-health struck.

Just because you’ve been unfortunate enough to suffer either a long term illness or recurrent medical condition, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be approved for health insurance policies.

Yet the very next question on everyone’s lips is: just how do we go about challenging the disadvantageous situations which tend to crop up in the health insurance industry at the merest mention of a pre-existing illness or condition?

If you do suffer from an ongoing medical condition, you will have probably said words to this effect when applying for any financial product: “Well yes, I do suffer from epilepsy, yet it’s fully under control and doesn’t hamper any part of my life”.

Not too long ago you probably wouldn’t have got past the word ‘epilepsy’ before being pulled up short and refused cover. Mercifully times (and attitudes) have changed, and today more insurers will underwrite a bespoke health policy which takes into account your acknowledged medical situation from the outset. Yet that’s not to say you being accepted and approved for a health policy is a given. Sadly for the most part private medical insurance products tend to exclude both pre-existing and chronic conditions.

The underlying reason for this is that health insurers see some conditions as high risk, and if they weren’t excluded then it would lead to a far greater percentage of claims being made.

This ultimately ensures that health insurance policies would cost policyholders significantly more in terms of increased premiums.



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