How to buy right health cover policy online?

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With hectic lifestyle, growing environmental concerns, inflation costs, rising medical expenses, complex treatment procedures getting a suitable health insurance cover for you and your family is a must. Today, with online medium you can easily access and compare insurance policies at your convenience. Online mediums take few minutes to give you quotes on some of the best insurance policies suitable for you and your family at optimum costs. Depending on the coverage you choose, applying and enrollment take only minutes as well.

But selecting the right health cover for you and your family is a serious one time decision in life. They are many insurance companies which often try to lure customers with unnecessary rider benefits, policies etc. that will only end up buying irrelevant policy. So the article helps you with some useful tips for purchasing right health insurance online. Whether you are looking for individual major medical, critical illness, short-term medical or surgical insurance these tips prove beneficial for choosing the correct policy.

Know your Needs

Purchasing health insurance is a financial commitment which means if you pay more and get less coverage or purchase any useless policy then it will lead to serious health and financial crisis. Therefore, before going for policy purchase try and understand how long will you need the coverage for? What are the income sources? Are there any pre-existing ailments in family? Do you need extra protection? Etc.


Get a clear picture of your budget allocation. Check your income sources and decide how you are going to spend on each element of the insurance policy. Consider premium, copay, coinsurance, prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, services not covered by insurance and any other out-of-pocket medical expenses as well. Knowing how much you can spend will be important when obtaining online health insurance quotes and comparing plans.

Health history

It is important to keep information handy such as birth dates of family members, addresses and coverage start dates of everyone on the health insurance policies.  Secondly, it is very crucial to know if there are any pre-existing ailments within your family members. For example if it’s  your parents they are bound to have health issues beforehand, or else your wife might be expecting and so she might need extra care.

Compare plans and premiums

Online policy purchase gives you ample of time to compare the policy in terms of benefits and features, premium rates, discounts and offers, payment modes etc. so take your time and then decide. Get few quotes, narrow them down to few that fit your budget, compare details minutely and then go for purchase.

Network providers

If it’s important you examine the network provider lists. Check if you have in-network access to the doctors, specialist, clinic and hospitals you prefer or that are most convenient for you.

Expert Opinion

Health insurance policy purchase is not like purchasing onions or tomatoes in the market i.e if rotten just throw them away. An expert opinion is anytime better than going for wrong purchase which might end up into serious finance crunch during health crisis. You will likely have many questions as you go through the process. Ask them before you apply and start paying premiums.


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