Health policy a better way to protect you in medial crisis

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Health cover is an awesome way to protect yourself and family from the heavy expenses of medical treatments in today’s times. Health insurance policy covers the expenses of the insured person’s medical and surgical costs. Future is highly uncertain; you may never know when you might fall ill critically or meet with an accident. Therefore, it is better to stay prepared beforehand with suitable health cover.

In India, there are various companies who have introduced hundreds of customized policies for consumers. But still many people are not aware of India health insurance policy and its benefits. Although, many organization have introduced employee health insurance but these cover come with limited benefits and won’t cater to specific needs. Therefore, it is advisable to own a customized private health cover that can cater to yourself and family’s specific needs well.

The article discusses few points to remember while purchasing India health insurance policy:

Compare Policy:

Firstly, it  is important you make a list of your family members, their needs, hereditary disorders, their health issues, term of policy, premium you can pay, base plan and your expected top up cover. Then compare these with features you need online and see if policies are meeting your needs. Shortlist 3 to 4 policies most appropriate ones and then go for the purchase.

Joint or Individual Plan:

Many times people get confused whether to buy a family floater plan or individual policy for each member. It is advisable if your family members are young and below 50 years it is better to go for family floaters as there is less chance of risks to health. For people above 50 years purchase an individual plan as they would be more prone to health needs and thus expenses.

Cashless Facility:

One of the best parts of India health insurance policy is that they provide customers with cashless claims. There are different insurance companies with varied ways of settlement of medical claims. Some provide pure cashless claim while other give reimbursement of the treatment after paid by you at the hospital counter. Cashless claim policy is better because here you don’t have to bother about paying the bills and then run for the reimbursement.

Hospital Networks:

Before buying your health plan it is important to check the empanelled hospital covered by the policy. Check if they have cashless claim, check if they are nearby from your house. Compare the network in your preferred area, which is nearest to your convenience. If hospital network, facilities and amenities are not as per your criteria, you can opt to look for another company’s policy.

Sum assured

It is important you determine the sum assured to you on the basis of your city, duration you buy the policy and the city you live in. India health insurance costs higher in metropolitans and big cities compared to smaller ones. So make sure the sum assured is as per your city expenses. The amount should also include the expenses or inflation costs of near future because they are bound to inflate many times as compared to today.

Buy Early:

Early policy purchase give lots of benefits like low premium, high cover, less settlement time of claim etc.  At early age you’re not prone to diseases, you can get best coverage with no medical examination hassles. Also, you should check the insure renewability terms and conditions. See, if the premium costs doesn’t exceed as per your expectations.

Keeping in mind few of these points while purchasing India health insurance will make sure you opt for the best suited policies, from the available options in markets.


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