Why Do you Need An Affordable Health Insurance Policy?

medical insurance1

Have you ever thought of how will you meet your and your family members’ health expenses? Here you will need the help of health insurance policies for you and your loved ones. There are many affordable health insurance premium available in the market and you can opt for the best policies that can suit your needs.

Affordable Health Insurance Plan is a policy where the insurer pays the cost of the covered medical costs of the insured if he/she falls ill or meets with an accident. It will cover the cost of specialists, surgery, accommodation and nursing bills in a private hospital, or in a private ward in an NHS hospital, drugs and X-rays. You have to pay some certain premium at the end of certain intervals. Before choosing the cover that best suits you, you need to know about the different types of treatment:

In-Patient treatment: the treatment, which, for medical reasons, means that you have to stay in the hospital overnight or longer.

Day patient Treatment: the treatment, which for medical reasons, you have to go into a day-patient unit because you need a clinically supervised recovery.

Out-patient treatment: the treatment given at the out-patient clinic or consulting room.

But there are some treatments that won’t be covered by private affordable family health insurance policies. These include cover for long term illness, known as chronic disease, accident and emergency admission. These services are offered by the National Health Service (NHS) of the UK which is public funded and it includes services provided by family doctors, hospitals, dentists, ambulance services and opticians.

Different types of cover include:


This policy normally covers inpatient treatment only. The costs of the diagnostic tests, Consultant’s fees and outpatient treatments are therefore not covered


This policy covers the inpatient treatment along with hospital stay and a few outpatient treatments.


This is the one of the best policies to buy. These policies usually include full inpatient cover, unlimited outpatient cover.

So go buy a family health care insurance policy and show your family how much you care. Companies offer all types of health insurance depending on your family status, job status, financial situations and the types of coverage considered necessary. It is important to read and re-read your coverage to confirm what is being actually covered. It is also important to consider the medical history of your family before taking any plans. The online procedure to fill up the form has made health insurance affordable and easier to apply.

[Source: http://blogs.rediff.com/healthinsuranceindia/2016/05/04/health-insurance/]


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