How to choose an ideal health cover for you & your family?

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Medical costs, operational & surgical treatments, hospitalization are rising steeply in India with every passing day. Therefore, health care insurance is the best essential aid person can have in today’s time. A medical crisis like unfortunate accident, critical illness or sickness can result in extended hospital stay which can leave you in serious financial setback unless you have a comprehensive healthcare policy which can take care of your medical expenses. Today, there is loads of information available through various mediums like pamphlets, brochure, customer chat online, advertisements about various customized health insurance policies being introduced by companies for the valued customers. However, the real quest is which is the best healthcare insurance plan for you? The prime cause of spreading awareness about various policies by insurance companies is to get sufficient knowledge about the prospects of good medical insurance policy companies can offer.

These policies are tricky and slightly complex products that have been introduced by various insurance providers in Indian markets. However, there are some guidelines issued by IRDA in 2013 for the standardization of various policies available in the market such as the higher age entry of 65 years is included for health policy. Also, the insurer is bound to offer settlement within 30 days of the claim request.

In India, there are around 25 insurance companies that cater numerous health cover products for their clients. However, most often people are confused and cannot judge upon the best health insurance in India for them. Here is a quick guide to help you choose the most suitable or one of the best health insurance policy.

Before choosing the best health insurance in India for you and your family consider some factors given as below:

  • Number of members and their respective age
  • Check for policy that covers the maximum amount of sum for your family. Select a sum considering your premium payment capacity. Don’t exceed the costs because if you are not able to pay premium there might be a policy lapse.
  • Learn about the additional features like riders that you can add to your policy like accidental cover, critical illness, room rent etc.
  • If any family member has reached a pre-defined age then gets complete information regarding medical check-ups
  • Get information regarding filing of claims and the restraints that may prevent a successful filing
  • Compare policies online in terms of features & benefits, discounts & offers, premium costs, flexible payment options and hassle-free claim. Accordingly, it will help you choose the best health insurance in India.
  • Don’t forget to claim your bonus that every healthcare insurer offers to its customers for claim free years. The bonus can either be an increase in the sum insured or a discount on the premium.

Fortunately, with rapid development of insurance companies and their willingness to understand customer well, there are a wide range of options for just about every situation and health condition. Every health policy has different ways and approach to handle various health conditions so it’s important to know these options and whether they suit you or not. Before buying the best health insurance in India determine what kind of coverage you need and whether or not you can afford it. Your financial expert can assist you in arriving at an ideal health cover that takes into account needs of your family.


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