Five effective tips to choose right health cover


Now that you have purchased a health insurance plan it’s time to rejoice and take sigh of relief. Buying a suitable insurance policy helps insured to set free from worries about how he or she can manage adequate funds for treatments. This type of policy ensures that the outflow of money during medical emergencies does not create a big hole in your wallet. When you or one of your family members fall ill, the very first thing you will be concerned is how to pay for the medical treatment. And, medical policy India fulfills the same purpose at really affordable rates.

The article gives few tips to select the best medical plan:


It is natural that in the event of your family welfare no amount of cover will prove sufficient in your minds. But taking income sources, demographics, family members’ health, any pre-existing diseases etc. you have to come to a realistic figure while choosing a health insurance plans. At times you might not have hi-end jobs or successful business running across so paying the large premium could be a problem. Begin with a modest cover and enhance slowly with your needs and income level.

Cashless Claim

Cashless medical policies are very useful especially when you’re travelling, out of station, running short of cash for treatments in hospitals. Infact these are the most preferred mode for individuals. With a cashless policy, you walk out of the hospital without paying a single penny in case of an operation / medical emergency. The hospital gets the go-ahead from the insurance company for the operation and related procedures upto a maximum of the sum assured of the medical plan. Cashless is a hassle-free process that reduces stress on the policyholder’s finances.

Benefits & Features

It is important you check all the benefits on your health insurancepolicy. For instance check whether the policy has the floater that provides flexibility in terms of adjusting sum assured for individual family members within the overall cap, cover illnesses and health conditions of the family.

Policy Review

As a policyholder you have right to return the policy if doesn’t match your benefits or feature requirements. It just does not suit your purpose. According to the law you have a fortnight to return the policy after receiving the policy document which is referred to as the ‘free look-in period’. There are certain conditions however; for instance, if it’s a medical policy then it must have a term of at least 3 years.

Compare policies

Since there are many insurance companies offering a medical cover and you are looking for that one policy best suited to your needs, it is a good idea to do a little homework before you choose any form of health insurance policy. Online sites are a great place to start as they help you easily to compare the cost of insurance and also provide you variety of options to choose as per your requirements. If you can’t afford to devote your valuable time on research then you can entrust the job to a well-known insurance agents. It is one of the reliable ways to ensure that you get best insurance quotes in less time without having to go through the hassle and tedious task calculations. Good agents not only help you to choose the most profitable policy but also assist in filing the claim and getting reimbursement in case of any trouble.


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