How Are You Feeling, HealthCare insurance


HealthCare insurance is up! Well, for some users.

After a Nov. 30 deadline was announced as the end of the site’s major reconciliation period, it’s looking slightly healthier than it was a few weeks ago.

Checking in on the federal website, now identified by its glitches, after month-long repair efforts shows that not much has changed for consumers. Whether young or old, tech-savvy or still figuring out why you would want to “pin” or “+1″, modern web users expect a seamless experience from beautifully designed apps, sites, and software that HealthCare insurance has yet to deliver.

That’s not to say the site doesn’t exhibit smoothness in some areas, such as the front end created by Development Seed, which is fully functional. Visitors are able to get informed on coverage and view hundreds of pages specifics and get clear explanations of the health law.

But the site’s informative face doesn’t get people enrolled in coverage, unfortunately, and the federal health portal could still use some intensive care.

I tried applying on Black Friday, one day before the stated deadline for the site to function again, and was able to get as far as an electronic signature that didn’t seem to go through.

My application through the federally facilitated exchange is still incomplete, and I have yet to see any available health plans in my area, what kinds of subsidies I qualify for, and how much coverage is going to cost me: all the essentials running through every uninsured and curious marketplace applicant’s mind since Oct. 1.

Federal officials publicly stated there would be noticeable improvements to the site by the end of November, though it wouldn’t be perfect. Monday marked the first business day since the self-imposed deadline for repairs, and the site is getting mixed reviews.

Repairs will be ongoing for HealthCare insurance, which means one day the site will run as effortlessly as any other high-traffic site — likely when open enrollment season 2015 arrives. But for year one, the enrollment process is still haphazard, requiring diligence and even some back-up methods, like direct enrollment through insurers.

Not all experiences with the site are rocky or unsuccessful. According to the Washington Post, brokers and application counselors in Utah said three of every four applicants were able to enroll within the hour of logging into their account.



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